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Russell Cellular independently operates this site and is a Verizon Authorized Retailer.

RC Cares Volunteer Efforts

“Why do I need to volunteer? That’s not really my thing and besides, someone else will do it anyway.”  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard this statement or at least one like it.  An opportunity presents itself for people to step up and serve their community, an organization or a family […]


As the last in our series of articles, we examine how perspective can drive professional growth and development, and support an intentional leadership style.

How to Transfer Data to Your New iPhone

When you upgrade to a new iPhone, you can save a ton of time by transferring your existing data across during the initial setup. Below, you’ll find out how to transfer data to your new iPhone from iOS or Android, and what you need to do before you start. Already finished the initial setup? You […]

Servant Leadership

By exercising servant leadership, managers can achieve what is perhaps the most valuable aspect of their role: supporting, nurturing, and educating their team.

Verizon Discount Plans for Military and Veterans

The United States is home to over one million active military personnel and 17.4 million veterans, each and every one of whom has dedicated themselves to protecting our people. As an expression of respect and appreciation, Verizon is offering discount plans that give our armed forces up to $25/month off their mobile plans. And that’s […]

Verizon Discount Plans for First Responders

From putting out fires to performing life-saving medical treatment, first responders across the country are there for us when we need them most. To show appreciation to these incredible men and women, Verizon is offering first responder discounts that could save you up to $25/month on your mobile bills. Further discounts are also available for […]

Verizon Discount Plans for Nurses

The tireless efforts of America’s healthcare professionals save thousands of lives every year. And over the last few years in particular, nurses and respiratory therapists have given everything and more to make sure we stay safe. As thanks for their amazing commitment, Verizon is offering discount plans for active nurses (LP, LVN, NP or RN) […]

What to Watch on Disney Plus in 2022

As one of the world’s most popular streaming platforms, Disney Plus keeps over 130m subscribers on the edge of their seats with its huge library of movies and series. That’s why we include a free Disney Plus subscription or trial in all of our Verizon 5G plans to make sure you never run out of […]

How to Trade In Your Phone at Verizon

Trading in your phone is a great way to earn account credit towards your next Verizon cell phone or plan. In fact, you can trade in a wide range of devices, including: Smartphones Basic phones 3G prepaid phones (active for at least six months) 4G prepaid phones (activated with at least the first month paid) […]

How to Get a Free 5G Phone from Verizon

Changing your phone or switching to another carrier can be expensive. That’s why we’re taking away the risk and saving you a ton of cash by giving you a 5G phone absolutely free. But this offer is only available for a limited time, so act fast to grab yours before it runs out! When you […]

Benefits of Switching to Verizon

If you’re looking for more than top-notch performance and exceptional connectivity, here are some additional benefits of switching to Verizon from T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and more.

How to Use Mobile Hotspot on Your Verizon Phone

Unlike smartphones, devices like laptops aren’t able to connect to the internet without a Wi-Fi signal. But rather than risk using an unsecured network while you’re on the go, you can generate your own secure Wi-Fi by turning your phone into a mobile hotspot. Every smartphone and basic phone from Verizon comes preinstalled with a […]