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Investing in our
team members &

RC Cares is the employee engagement and philanthropic arm of Russell Cellular. We believe the culture of family should extend to our customers, and we’re committed to giving back to our communities.

The RC Cares team works closely with team members in our retail locations and Home Office on a variety of projects to celebrate successes and support employees and community members through times of need. If you’d like to see how we can help your community organization, contact us!

Hedgie’s Hometown Heroes

“Hedgie’s Hometown Heroes” is the community support program led by Russell Cellular team members, providing opportunities for stores to give back to their communities. To fund projects, we have created “Hedgie” PopSockets and tech wipes that are sold in all of our stores. All proceeds from these sales are banked for the local store to invest back into their local community through RC-approved outreach projects and events. The more a store sells, the more they will have to invest!

Russell Cellular - RC Cares Hedgies hometown heroes

How RC Cares
gives back

Russell Cellular - School programs


Russell Cellular - Toy clothing and food drives

Toy, clothing, and food drives

Russell Cellular - Community heartbeat events

Community heartbeat events

Russell Cellular - Programs for frontline workers

Programs for frontline workers

Russell Cellular - Volunteer projects

Local volunteer projects

Russell Cellular - Illness and tragedy

Help to
individuals suffering from illness or tragedy

Russell Cellular - Emergency fund

Employee Emergency Fund

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