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RC Cares for Cookeville, TN

Happy New Year! How crazy is it that it’s already 2023?  Seems like time just continues to fly by. I think that’s why the older I get the more focused I am on not missing a moment.  A moment spent with family and friends, a moment to make a priceless memory and a moment where I can intentionally invest in someone’s life in hopes of making a difference that could ultimately change their tomorrow.  No doubt the new year will bring new opportunities for those moments and many others like them. I look forward to those moments where our Russell Cellular family can step in and do our part helping people in our communities navigate life, conquer mountains or maybe just find a reason to smile.  RC Cares is more than a name, it’s who we are and it’s what we do. We are excited to take a step into a new year with our hearts and eyes open to both seeing and meeting the needs around us.

RC Cares partnered with Russell Cellular employees during a Toys for Tots event this season.
Pictured from left to right: Ron Wallace, Shana Turner, John Kilgore, Matt Beal (VZW), Cortny Roark, Holly Quinn.
Bottom: Anna Scearce, Cody Griffin

But before we can move forward, I think it’s important to reflect on where we’ve been.  Now, our past was never meant to be lived in, but it is meant to be learned from. It’s there to inspire us to grow, to learn, to see where we’ve been so we can know where we’re going, and to remind us that when we choose to give of ourselves, we can and do make a difference. 

RC Cares partnered with Russell Cellular employees during a Toys for Tots event this season.
RC Team Members: JJ Jones and Tiera Wester

RC Cares for Cookeville, TN

I don’t have to reflect back too far to an opportunity we had in Cookeville, TN.  Regional Director John Kilgore’s team, led by District Sales Manager Cody Griffin, was able to raise over $11,000 to invest in a local Toys for Tots project hosted by Life Church in Cookeville.  Over 40 area businesses coming together to make sure families experienced the joy of Christmas. I was able to join John and members of his team for two days as we partnered with other volunteers to help local families shop for gifts for their families, gifts that not only Russell Cellular helped provide, but also many of our customers in that region who chose to partner with us to make a kid smile on Christmas morning. It was truly a team effort!

RC Cares partnered with Russell Cellular employees during a Toys for Tots event this season.
RC Team Members from left to right: Vince Robles, Anna Scearce, Daniel Forrester, John Kilgore, Jamie Hall, Cortny Roark, Josh Espey, Ron Wallace.  Bottom: Holly Quinn, Cody Griffin

Making a Difference This Holiday Season

Add this event to others such as the one Area Vice President of Sales, Anthony Badalamenti’s team hosted. This event raised over $8,500 to help provide Christmas for families in New Jersey through the Raine Foundation. Or the many other Christmas projects Russell Cellular hosted through the country.  In all, RC donated over $25,000 and helped brighten Christmas morning for over 700 families and over 4,000 kids! 

Now I don’t share this to say, “look at what we’ve done”. I share this so we can reflect together.  Sometimes we need to be reminded of what we can accomplish when we choose to work together for the benefit of others. No recognition, no return on investment, simply doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.  People, businesses and communities laying down their differences and deciding to make “their world” a better place.  When we look at “what we’ve accomplished” it can inspire us, as well as others, to move forward, not only seeing the needs around us, but also choosing to do what we can to help meet those needs.  The result…lives are changed…one of which will be yours! 

RC Cares partnered with Russell Cellular employees during a Toys for Tots event this season.
RC Team Members: Jamie Hall and Daniel Forrester

Learn More About RC Cares

If you would like to learn more about our philanthropic arm of Russell Cellular, RC Cares, then click here!

Ron Wallace, Director of RC Cares, talks about the Toys for Tots event.

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