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Projects: Make a BIG Difference

Outreach and investing in others have been a huge part of my life for over 25 years now. I’ve had both the amazing honor and blessing to be involved with projects that have raised thousands of dollars to support organizations in need. Here are some of projects I have been a part of:

  • Providing school supplies for thousands of kids.
  • Giving shoes and clothes to foster kids along with families in need.
  • Helped with large projects supporting children and families in other countries.
  • During my time with Russell Cellular I have been a part of building homes for families through Habitat for Humanity.
  • Served at huge holiday projects supporting hundreds of families over Christmas.
  • Been a part of raising thousands of dollars to support individuals battling cancer, amongst other serious medical situations.

I love investing in others, as well as being a part of groups/organizations that are committed to making a difference in people’s lives, in BIG ways! 

Helped large projects of supporting children in other countries.
Children in another country.

Defining Making a BIG Difference

I think most people would say they love being a part of the BIG projects that are making a BIG difference.  In fact, I think people spend a lot of time and effort searching for the projects that can make the biggest difference.  I think that’s great! Find a need and do your part in making the biggest difference you can! But… (somehow, I knew, you knew there was a “but” coming) be careful at how you define “BIG”. 

Searching for projects to make a difference.
Woman searching on the computer.

What I mean is that some people may think it’s a BIG project if it raised “X” amount of dollars, reaches “X” amount of people, or the projects makes “X” amount of impact.  Now trust me, I love big projects.  I love raising as much as I can raise. Giving as much as I can give. Along with serving as many people as I can.  Though the impact of your outreach has less to do with how much you raised, how much you gave, or how many thousands of people it helped. 

Be Involved in Projects

The picture below is of a third-grade class in Vestaburg Community Schools in Vestaburg, MI.  Our team from Alma, MI heard they needed some wired ear buds to use in their classroom activities.  It may not have been the biggest need by some people’s standards but to these students, it was their need and that made it important.  Team Alma heard of this need and decided it was important to them too. They didn’t have to raise thousands of dollars. The cost was actually very little, and they already had that amount raised to cover it. They simply needed to respond how they could. As you can see from the smiles, the impact was so important, that you would have thought they would have been given so much more. 

A third-grade class in Vestaburg Community Schools in Vestaburg, MI.

Today, at this very moment that you are reading this post, there is someone you know, someone from your community that has a need.  While yes, some of those needs may seem bigger than others, the fact is each person’s need is big to them. And the very fact that you notice and then decided to do something to help meet that need makes it a “BIG” investment. It doesn’t matter if you’ve raised $10,000 or $100. It doesn’t matter if you can give 100 pairs of shoes or 1. Remember, earbuds are a “BIG” deal to the kid who needs earbuds. The fact that it’s a big deal to you means lives will be changed…one of which will be yours! 

Learn More About RC Cares

If you would like to learn more about our philanthropic arm of Russell Cellular, RC Cares, then click here!

Ron Wallace, Director of RC Cares

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