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Holiday Giving: RC Cares

It does not take long to realize we are right in the middle of the holiday season. Long lines at stores, crazy traffic, festive lights, decorated trees and lighter bank accounts.  As chaotic as it is, it is the season and I think we’ve learned to manage it if not embrace it every year. Another thing I think a large majority of people do during this season is take for granted that everyone is happy this time of year.  I mean they have to be right? Santa, reindeer, presents and parties… Who wouldn’t be happy! 

Reality is that many people are facing situations and struggles that honestly leave very little to be happy about. A medical diagnosis, the loss of a loved one, an on-going battle or just simply trying to make it and wondering how in the world will they ever provide Christmas for their kids.  These situations, and others like them, leave people stressed, worried and feeling helpless during a time that is supposed to be full of hope and happiness.  And for everyone else, it so easy to get lost in the joy of our own holiday season and miss the opportunities in front of us to help change someone else’s.

Holiday giving season
Young woman with shopping bags at shopping mall

Holiday Giving

At Russell Cellular, we are intentional with both our hearts and our message in the importance of not only seeing the needs around us but then doing what we can to help meet those needs. District Sales Manager, Taylor Belcher, and her team jumped into action when it came to holiday giving this year. They helped provide holiday meals for local families, that honestly, would not have been able to enjoy them otherwise.  

Russell Cellular team donates food to families in need this holiday season
District Sales Manager, Taylor Belcher, donating holiday meals.

Or our home office team that came together to provide Christmas presents for local foster children that found themselves in an unfamiliar and scary place this holiday season. Or maybe it’s like our Batesville, AR team that inspired their entire district to raise support for one of our own team members. Reagan, an RC team member, recently started having seizures due a mass found on her brain that also caused her to lose her unborn child. We are so proud of our RC family for rallying around Reagan during this time.

Reagan, an RC team member, recently got diagnosed with a mass on her brain.

Meeting Needs Around Us

In none of these situations are we trying to fix their problems.  Money can’t do that.  But what we were trying to do was help someone smile that maybe didn’t think they had a reason.  Help them find hope when maybe they thought hope was lost.  Help them realize they weren’t battling alone, and that people genuinely cared. Hopefully, in the process we would inspire them to someday return the investment to someone else. 

Fact is, and I truly believe this with all my heart, when people decide to invest in others for the sole purpose of making a positive impact in their life, not for recognition, reward or personal gain but simply because it’s the right thing to do, not only do people’s lives change…families change, communities change and ultimately, I believe our world changes.  

No doubt you are busy, especially right now during this season.  I’m sure you’re planning your Christmas parties, your family get togethers, wrapping the perfect gift and getting ready to experience the joy that comes with this season, and I truly hope that for you and your family, it’s the best Christmas yet! At the same time, I pray you see a need, and in that moment, you decide to do what YOU can to help meet that need.  I promise that your decision to do so will change lives…one of which will be yours! 

Director of RC Cares, Ron Wallace, talks to us about the holiday giving season.

Ways to Get Involved

If you are looking for ways to get involved this holiday season, here are a few ideas to get you started: Toys for Tots, Angel Tree, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Christmas Spirit Foundation, Feeding America, Make-A-Wish, and so many other great organizations. You can also look at your local community for ideas including blood drives, local food banks, volunteering, and more.

From all of us here at Russell Cellular, we wish you a happy holiday giving season!

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