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Apps for Productivity and New Year’s Resolutions

If you are like a lot of people, bringing in the new year comes with making a New Year’s resolution with goals of health, fitness, money management, and more. While we are often motivated at the beginning of January, as time passes those New Year’s resolutions can fade away. Here we have compiled a list of apps for productivity that you can download to help keep you on track with your goals.

Finding apps for productivity to help meet your New Year's resolution goals.
Home gym workout with online exercise app on phone.


Available in the app store

Lose It! Helps users develop a healthy lifestyle. You can track your calorie count, nutrition, and intermittent fasting, to reach weight loss goals. This app is used by millions of people around the world. Lose It! offers a free one-week trial.

Available in the app store

MyFitnessPal brings you access to a community for support and motivation. With this app you can track your progress of fitness, water intake, nutrition, and weight loss. MyFitnessPal is designed to help you reach your goals of feeling better, looking better, and living better. One of the great things about this app is that it is free to download.

Apps available in the app store

Daily Burn offers at home workout plans. To help tone, lose weight, and build muscle from the comfort of your own home. Access to over 2500 workouts. Like yoga, cardio, and strength training. Daily Burn is free to download. It offers in app purchases. 100% ad free.

Learn Something New

Available in the app store

Ring in the new year with learning a new language. Rosetta Stone is an app with over 25 years of language learning experience. They have learned with this experience that everyone has the ability to learn to read, write, and speak a language with confidence. It provides an access to 24 languages, personalized lessons for each person’s level, and you can track your progress. With this app they offer 3-12-month subscriptions.

Apps available in the app store

Maybe your goal is learning how to play the guitar. Simply Guitar is an app where you can learn to play the guitar at your own pace with step-by-step tutorials. No experience needed. It is a fun, fast, and easy way to learn how to play the guitar.

Available in the app store

If you enjoy trying new recipes, or you made a goal for this year to cook more from home, this is the app for you. Kitchen Stories offers visual aids where every recipe comes with step-by-step image guides, and some have video tutorials. You can save your favorite recipes and offer tips in comments for other users. Kitchen Stories focuses on simple meals, with simple ingredients. Kitchen Stories is a free app with in app purchases.


Available in the app store

One of the top resolutions each year is quitting smoking. QuitNow! is an app that connects you with other users who have the same goal of quitting smoking. The app focuses on quality of life and benefits of quitting smoking. QuitNow! provides tips, and books to help you accomplish your goal. It is free to download, but does also offer in app purchases.

Available in the app store

For those wanting to reduce or monitor alcohol consumption Drink Control is an app to help with that. Drink Control helps you save money and monitor your alcohol consumption. Some of the features the app offers are drink tracking/spending, drinking history, and an option to sync alcohol units and alcohol calories with apple health. Drink Control is free to download with offers in app purchases.

Apps for Productivity

Finding apps for productivity to help meet your New Year's resolution goals.

With life being busy it is easy to forget your thoughts, ideas, and inspiration that strikes. With Bear (IOS) it’s easy to take notes, great for sketches, and checklists. It offers a Face/Touch ID feature to protect sensitive notes. It is packed with beautiful themes, typography, and dark mode. Bear offers a monthly or annual cost with a free trial.

Available in the app store

Spending too much time sucked into your phone? RescueTime can show you exactly how and when you’re spending the largest amount of time spent on your phone. You can set goals and track your progress. This app will help increase your productivity as it makes you aware of the time that could be wasted on your phone. RescueTime is a free app.

Finding apps for productivity to help meet your New Year's resolution goals.

Do you have one to many calendars or calendar apps? 24me is an app that syncs all your calendars, Google, Microsoft 365, Yahoo, and any others all into one. This is sure to keep you on track and limit apps for productivity. 24me is a free app but does also offer in app purchases.

Money Apps for Productivity

Finding apps for productivity to help meet your New Year's resolution goals.

Qapital is a money management app to help you rethink how you budget. It has well designed money tools to help you improve managing your finances. The app offers tips for saving, budgeting, money-sharing tips for couples, and more. You can set goals for savings. Create a rule to automate transfers. You can enable a feature in Qapital to round up to the nearest dollar. Having it deposited into your savings. With this app you are sure to hit your New Year’s financial goals.

Finding apps for productivity to help meet your New Year's resolution goals.

Looking for an app to check your credit score for free? CRED not only offers to check your credit score for free, but it offers access to pay your credit card bill statements and monthly rent online. CRED has many exclusive shopping offers and cashback. With every bill payment you make on the CRED app you can earn CRED coins. With these CRED coins you can win exclusive rewards, big prizes, and unlock access to products at a better rate.

Finding apps for productivity to help meet your New Year's resolution goals.
Using phone for online banking, internet payment, e-transaction, financial technology concept.

Having an app is beneficial because you always have access to it through your phone, and who doesn’t love convenience? Most apps have built in notifications which makes it even harder to forget or ignore your goals. There are many apps for productivity out there, and you can find more by searching in the app store on your device or by clicking the links below.

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App Store – Apple

Android Apps on Google Play

Finding apps for productivity to meet your New Year's resolution goals.
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