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Twenty-Five Years of Meeting Needs

For the last 25 plus years I have spent most of my time investing in others.  Whether that’s involved one on one care, helping people with relationship issues, working alongside others on outreach projects, or serving and investing in others, it is just a huge part of my life.  I can honestly say that I start every day with a purpose of not only looking for the needs of others that I might encounter, but also committed to doing what I can, when given the opportunity to make a difference in a need.  I also spend much of my day inspiring others to do the same thing.  

Inspiring others to invest in others.
Dictionary definition of the word Inspire.

Committed to Recognizing Needs

At Russell Cellular, the RC Cares mission is to make sure we are committed to recognizing the needs around us. Then doing what we can to help meet those needs, for the sole purpose of making a positive impact in someone’s life.  Sometimes that involves raising financial support and sometimes it’s about raising awareness to a specific cause or need.  Sometimes that has involved getting out into our communities and serving with our hands and feet. While sometimes it just involves stopping long enough to listen to team member share their current struggle.  The biggest part of this all isn’t so much how we respond to the need, it’s the fact that we simply chose to respond and did what we could to help in the moment.  It’s important and it matters more than we could ever know. 

Raising financial support is one way to meet a need.
Person holding hands out with make a change note.

Lesson Learned

At the same time, there is something we have to be careful of when a life of serving others becomes the life we choose to live. I have learned this over the many years of this being my life, and usually, learned the hard way.  This lesson is something that I also echo to not only our teams here at Russell Cellular but also to the many others I get the humble honor of leading and teaching every week.  That lesson…make sure while you are taking care of others, you are also taking care of yourself.  It’s easy to get so caught up in the awesomeness of investing in others that we lose sight of the fact that we can wear down in the process, losing our focus. We might still see the needs around us, but we are so tired we just don’t do anything about them.   

5 Year Accomplishments

At Russell Cellular, over the past 5 years, our teams have been a part of over 1,000 outreach projects and have raised nearly one million dollars to support those projects. We have logged thousands of volunteer hours helping build and remodel homes. Served at community events like American Heart Association Heart Walks, blood drives, and school functions.  We have served at homeless shelters, outreach centers, 5k runs, and even the St. Jude Marathon. We have spent time with crying team members, hurting customers, and even the random stranger that we just “happened” to run into. All this while working our normal jobs, taking care of our families, and honestly sometimes just trying to make it ourselves.  As awesome as all this is, if we lose ourselves in the process, we will begin to lose the impact we are making as well.

Participating in an event to meet needs.
A line of runners racing during a 5K race.

A Challenge for You

Something tells me you can relate. If you can, then this challenge is for you. Keep your heart and your eyes open for the needs around you.  Do what you can to help meet those needs.  Serve and give all you can for the sole purpose of making a difference in someone’s life.  And in the process, never forget to invest in one of the most important people in your life…YOU!  There will be times you need to rest. Times you need to disconnect, and times you just need to get away to spend a moment for YOU. Recharge, regroup, and then reconnect.  You will be better because you did. I can promise you; lives will be changed in the process…one of which will be yours!  

Learn More About RC Cares

If you would like to learn more about our philanthropic arm of Russell Cellular, RC Cares, then click here!

Ron Wallace, Director of RC Cares

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