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Russell Cellular - About Jeven Russell

Jeven Russell


Jeven Russell is the Co-President for Russell Cellular and works alongside Jeff Russell to oversee the company’s growth and strategies to ensure success. Jeven also oversees the Solution Center-Customer Support department. He has been instrumental in developing the department to effectively support the sales team. Involved in his parents’ business since he was a child, he assisted with a variety of tasks from store setups and inventory counts to data entry and packing boxes for the next big sale. Jeven officially began his full-time career in 2008 quickly learning the nuances of inventory and logistics, and taking a leadership role.

He held several positions before being promoted to the Director of Inventory in June 2017 and assuming added responsibilities as Vice President of Operations in July 2018.

Jeven is in a unique position as a member of the Russell family and is dedicated to sustaining the family business. He is passionate about developing himself as a leader and encouraging others in their careers at Russell Cellular. Jeven is a stellar example of second-generation entrepreneurship and works tirelessly to ensure the future success of the family business and its team members.

Personal Background

Born and raised in the Springfield, Missouri area, Jeven, his wife Kayla and two daughters currently reside in Nixa, Missouri. Jeven enjoys traveling, learning about wine and spirits, and spending time with family and friends.

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