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About Darin Wray

Darin Wray

Chief Operating Officer

Darin Wray has served as the Chief Operating Officer for Russell Cellular since his promotion in 2017. In this role, he oversees leaders of the Inventory, Information Technology and Solution Center teams, as well as managing reporting and analytics for the company. Darin began his career at Russell Cellular in December of 1995 as a contracted outside sales representative and became the first full-time employee in October of 1996 when he opened the company’s first retail store. Darin wrote and programmed Russell Cellular’s first point-of-sale system and is responsible for advancing the current software technologies that keep the business operating efficiently today.

Throughout his career, Darin has developed and led numerous departments including Sales, Operations, Inventory, Information Technology, Marketing and Solution Centers. He has helped build the business from the ground up and has served as a mentor to Jeven Russell and advisor to many other leaders throughout his career.

Darin’s role at Russell Cellular is first and foremost as support to CEO Jeff Russell. After working together for more than twenty five years, Darin is a reliable advisor who has experienced the development and challenges of the company firsthand. Darin’s experience with the systems, programs, and leadership philosophies make him an invaluable leader and trusted friend.

Personal Background

Born and raised in Ava, Missouri, Darin and his wife Colette reside in Nixa, Missouri. Darin enjoys traveling with his wife and two children, as well as golfing, gaming, and reading. The Wray family serves in various capacities at their church, schools, and community.

Meet the Team

Jeff Russell, CEO of Russell Cellular

Jeff Russell

Chief Executive Officer

Jeven Russell, President of Russell Cellular

Jeven Russell


Kym Russell, Co-founder of Russell Cellular

Kym Russell


Darin Wray, Chief Operating Officer of Russell Cellular

Darin Wray

Chief Operating Officer

Robert Lister

Chief Financial Officer

Nathan Mindeman, Chief Strategy Officer of Russell Cellular

Nathan Mindeman

Chief Strategy Officer

Daniel Hyder, Chief Sales Officer of Russell Cellular

Daniel Hyder

Chief Sales Officer

Layton Alsup, Vice President of Executive Support for Russell Cellular

Layton Alsup

Vice President of Executive Support

Anthony Badalamenti, Area Vice President of Sales for Russell Cellular

Anthony Badalamenti

Area Vice President of Sales

Brad Bowman, Area Vice President of Sales of Russell Cellular

Brad Boman

Area Vice President of Sales

Khris Stillman, Area Vice President of Sales for Russell Cellular

Khris Stillman

Area Vice President of Sales

Kurt Reinhart, Vice President of Learning and Development

Kurt Reinhart

Vice President of Learning & Development