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About Daniel Hyder

Daniel Hyder

Chief Sales Officer

Daniel Hyder is the Chief Sales Officer at Russell Cellular and is responsible for the company’s sales strategies and performance. Daniel leads the entire sales team comprised of 3 Area VP of Sales, 13 Regional Directors, and over 100 District Managers who oversee more than 2500 team members in retail locations across 43 states. Daniel has more than two decades of sales leadership experience in the wireless industry starting with Alltel Wireless company in 1998. He transferred throughout the country and worked his way up from Sales Associate to Regional Manager before joining Russell Cellular in 2009 as a Regional Sales Manager back in his home state of Missouri.

Daniel proved himself a consistent Top Performer and a leader of his peers earning a promotion to Area Director of Sales in 2013, and then named Executive Vice President of Sales in 2019. At the helm of one of the country’s largest sales organizations, Daniel is a leader with straightforward expectations and is appreciated by his team for his transparency, authenticity, and work ethic. He is a firm believer that the effort one makes to follow the proven sales method will equal the same level of predictable positive results. Daniel holds his team accountable to the sales process and coaching plans that he and his team of leaders helped create for Russell Cellular. Daniel has a proven track record of developing dependable sales leaders of great character that are engaged with their business, empower their team members, and evolve the company.

Personal Background

Born and raised in the Springfield, Missouri area, Daniel, his wife Margot and two children are happy to be back home in Marshfield, Missouri. Daniel is member of the Marshfield Church of Christ and is an ongoing supporter of the Children’s Miracle Network and the Fair Haven Children’s Home. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and watching sports.

Meet the Team

Jeff Russell, CEO of Russell Cellular

Jeff Russell

Chief Executive Officer

Jeven Russell, President of Russell Cellular

Jeven Russell


Kym Russell, Co-founder of Russell Cellular

Kym Russell


Darin Wray, Chief Operating Officer of Russell Cellular

Darin Wray

Chief Operating Officer

Robert Lister

Chief Financial Officer

Nathan Mindeman, Chief Strategy Officer of Russell Cellular

Nathan Mindeman

Chief Strategy Officer

Daniel Hyder, Chief Sales Officer of Russell Cellular

Daniel Hyder

Chief Sales Officer

Layton Alsup, Vice President of Executive Support for Russell Cellular

Layton Alsup

Vice President of Executive Support

Anthony Badalamenti, Area Vice President of Sales for Russell Cellular

Anthony Badalamenti

Area Vice President of Sales

Brad Bowman, Area Vice President of Sales of Russell Cellular

Brad Boman

Area Vice President of Sales

Khris Stillman, Area Vice President of Sales for Russell Cellular

Khris Stillman

Area Vice President of Sales

Kurt Reinhart, Vice President of Learning and Development

Kurt Reinhart

Vice President of Learning & Development