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Guide to Verizon Up Rewards

As a Verizon customer, your smartphone service is about more than a great device, outstanding coverage, and top-notch technical support. By becoming a Verizon Up member, you can earn amazing freebies, perks, and deals by paying your bills, buying accessories, or getting a new device. The best part is that Verizon Up is totally free, so you can claim rewards simply by having a Verizon account!

What is Verizon Up?

Verizon Up is a free rewards program that gives you points every time you spend money with Verizon. This also includes paying your monthly contract fee, so there’s no pressure to buy anything extra.

Once you’ve earned enough points, you can use them to claim special offers, Super Tickets, and Presale Tickets through the My Verizon app. These rewards are constantly changing, meaning there’s always an exciting new option for you to choose.

What rewards can I get through Verizon Up?

Special offers

Each month, Verizon gives Verizon Up members the chance to save money with a fresh selection of special perks. These rewards can include:

  • Gift cards
  • Bonus data
  • Discounts
  • Deals for local dining and entertainment
  • Deals for travel and vacations

To claim these special offers, visit the Rewards Center section of the My Verizon app and tap Claim This next to the reward you want. Then, you can use it right away or save it for later.

Super Tickets

Verizon Super tickets give you access to a wide range of sporting events, concerts, new devices, amazing products, and more. They’re an incredibly popular first-come-first-serve limited-time offer, so try to claim your favorite Super Tickets before someone else grabs them!

Just like special offers, you can claim Verizon Super Tickets through the Rewards Center section of the My Verizon app. Once the countdown hits zero, tap the Try to Claim button for your chance to grab your tickets. If you’re successful, you’ll receive an email confirmation within 5-7 business days with details on how to receive them. This differs from event to event, but might include a downloadable pdf, digital tickets, or Will Call tickets.

Presale Tickets

Verizon Presale Tickets give you the chance to buy tickets for popular events around 2-3 days before they’re made available to the general public. You can even choose your seat with a selection of prices so you can find the perfect spot.

Each Verizon Up member on your account can buy up to four Presale Tickets for any event. To get yours, find a Presale Ticket you want to claim in the Rewards Center section of the My Verizon app and then purchase your tickets through the Ticketmaster website.

How to use rewards after you claim them

Once you claim a Verizon Up reward, it’ll be stored in the My Verizon app. To use it, tap Use Rewards, select the reward you want to use, and follow the instructions for redemption.

Who is eligible for Verizon Up rewards?

To qualify for your Verizon Up membership, you simply need to:

  • Be age 18 or over
  • Be a US resident
  • Have a smartphone on an active Verizon mobile account
  • Be on a standard account, not a business or prepaid account
  • Have the My Verizon app

To enroll for Verizon Up, open the My Verizon app and follow the on-screen instructions.

Claim more Verizon Up rewards with Russell Cellular

By becoming a Verizon Up member, you can earn points and claim fantastic savings and tickets just by having a Verizon contract. But when you buy accessories or new devices, or upgrade your smartphone, your Verizon points will skyrocket.

At Russell Cellular, we carry a wide range of phones, tablets, watches, and accessories to make sure you always have the best tech available. And since we’re a Verizon-authorized retailer, every purchase from Russell Cellular earns you Verizon points.

Visit our online store today to browse our devices, and get ready to claim your special offers, Super Tickets, and Presale Tickets through Verizon Up.

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