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Your Quick Guide to Verizon Mobile Protect

Smartphones are an integral part of everyday life that most of us can’t live without. They keep us connected to our friends and family, help us find information on the go, and even entertain us with games, videos, and articles. So, when your smartphone gets damaged or your security is breached, you want to fix the problem quickly without worrying about the cost.

Verizon Mobile Protect is an affordable monthly add-on that insures your smartphone against loss, damage, theft, malware, hacks, and more. It even includes quality of life services like 24/7 tech support, spam call filtering, and device refreshing to give you the best smartphone experience for the longest time. And if your phone stops working, you can get same-day replacement and setup from a Verizon-authorized retailer like Russell Cellular to make sure you stay connected.

Benefits of Verizon Mobile Protect

Phone repair and replacement

A cracked screen can make it almost impossible to use and enjoy your smartphone. And since we take our smartphones with us everywhere we go, it’s not uncommon for them to get damaged.

Getting your smartphone screen repaired usually costs hundreds of dollars. But with Verizon Mobile Protect, you get unlimited lightning-fast cracked screen repair for only $29 each time you need it. This saves you a ton of cash, and means you never need to worry about carrying or using your smartphone.

If your battery runs out, you can also get it replaced quickly at a Verizon-authorized repair facility. And if your device is stolen or becomes unusable, you can get a replacement phone that same day. No matter what happens, Verizon Mobile Protect makes sure you always have a working smartphone, so you keep chatting, learning, and playing as usual.

Premium digital security and privacy tools

It’s not just physical damage you have to look out for when protecting your smartphone. Downloading suspicious apps or visiting insecure websites can be a serious threat to your online privacy, giving criminals access to your personal data.

To keep you safe while browsing and using your smartphone, Verizon Mobile Protect offers a wide range of premium digital security and privacy tools. These include:

  • ID theft protection to block and remove malware
  • Advanced VPN to ensure your Wi-Fi connection is secure even when using a public network
  • Spam call filtering to protect you against nuisances and scammers
  • Alerts for apps that try to access your private information

By signing up for Verizon Mobile Protect, you take the responsible steps necessary to keep your personal data safe. You can use your smartphone with total peace of mind and never worry about becoming a victim of scams or fraud.

24/7 smartphone advice from Tech Coach experts

When you’re trying to optimize or connect your device, you often need to trudge through hours of videos and articles to find the answer you’re looking for. But Verizon Mobile Protect gives you access to 24/7 smartphone support through the Tech Coach app.

Verizon’s smartphone experts can help you solve any problem, including transferring data to a new device, improving your smartphone’s performance, and connecting to smart devices. They can even recommend new apps to make using your smartphone much easier. Tech Coach ensures you receive the most enjoyable smartphone experience simply at the touch of a button.

24/7 privacy support from experience Security Advisors

Online privacy isn’t just about using the right tools. It’s also about optimizing your settings, resolving potential security vulnerabilities, and practicing good privacy habits.

Verizon’s Security Advisors are available 24/7 through the Digital Secure app to help you improve your online privacy. By taking full advantage of Verizon’s suite of security features and tools, you ensure maximum protection for your smartphone.

Unlimited device refresh

Even with rapid repair and replacement, it pays to take good care of your smartphone. That’s why Verizon Mobile Protect also gives you unlimited device refresh to keep your device in top shape. With deep cleaning and detailed diagnostics, your device refresh can improve your smartphone’s speed, performance, and battery life.

Verizon Mobile Protect Multi-Device

If you have multiple lines on your Verizon account, you don’t need to purchase Verizon Mobile Protect for each one. Instead, you can save money and streamline your service with Verizon Mobile Protect Multi-Device.

This package gives you flexible account coverage for 3-10 lines with all the same benefits of Verizon Mobile Protect. You don’t need to decide which lines to register until after something happens, and if 12 months pass without another claim your registration rolls off for reuse.

Verizon Mobile Protect Multi-Device covers three lines as standard. But if you need to cover more, you can add Additional Coverage for up to seven lines. Each Additional Coverage gives you one more registration and three more shared claims.

Who is eligible for Verizon Mobile Protect?

To qualify for Verizon Mobile Protect, you must enroll within 30 days of:

  • Buying or upgrading to a new smartphone, and activating it on a new or existing line
  • Bringing in an eligible device that:
    • Is fully functioning, without damage, and free of defects
    • Isn’t lost or stolen
    • Is activate on a new line

To qualify for Verizon Mobile Protect Multi-Device, you need to meet the above criteria and have 3-10 lines on your account with eligible devices.

Not sure whether you qualify for Verizon Mobile Protect? You can check in the My Verizon app. If you see Device Protection listed under the Get Products tab, it means you’re eligible for the service.

Sign up for Verizon Mobile Protect today

When you sign up for Verizon Mobile Protect, you receive the tools, support, and services you need to keep your smartphone safe from damage, loss, and digital threats. And since many smartphones and repair services cost hundreds of dollars, your protection package can save you a lot of money without interrupting your usage.

Drop in to your local Russell Cellular store today for a chat about Verizon Mobile Protect, and our friendly expert staff will get you registered in no time flat.

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