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Community Outreach: RC Cares

Investing in Our Team Members and Our Communities

RC Cares is the employee engagement and philanthropic arm of Russell Cellular. We believe the culture of family should extend to our customers, and we’re committed to giving back to our communities. The RC Cares team works closely with team members in our retail locations and Home Office on a variety of community outreach projects and philanthropy work to celebrate successes and support employees and community members through times of need.

Who is Ron Wallace?

“What is a Ron Wallace?” At Russell Cellular in 2017, this was a common question throughout the company. In July of that year, Ron Wallace was hired by RC as the “Employee and Community Outreach Advocate”. What does that even mean? Team members were slightly confused, as Ron’s extensive background included work in ministry and counseling, but not wireless retail. So why would RC hire Ron Wallace? 

Ron Wallace, Director of RC Cares, oversees community outreach projects, fundraisers, philanthropy, and more
Photo of Ron Wallace, Director of RC Cares

Ron’s onboarding helped to shape and represent the heart of RC. With Ron’s leadership, Russell Cellular ventured into the formalization of a new employee and community program. Thus, RC Cares was born and quickly Ron’s title became Director of RC Cares. Caring for people and communities was nothing new to RC. In fact, the Russell family and national team members had been giving to local causes and initiatives for 25 years. But RC Cares became a way to structure the opportunities, and to give every store a local fund that they could utilize in their communities as they saw needs arise in their town. 

Not only did outreach causes become identified, but employee emergency assistance was further enhanced. With RC Cares, employees now had an official process to apply for and receive small grants if they or their immediate family were in need. Employees began to contribute to the employee emergency fund in record numbers, and that allowed for a record number of team members to be assisted in 2021.  

Ron’s inspiration and passion is unmatched, and his willingness to help people in need is unwavering. Join us as we hear from Ron’s heart and listen as he discusses practical ways that we can support those around us, and ourselves. 

Community Outreach and Philanthropy

There are needs all around us every day. People in our communities that we know and see that are hurting or struggling. It might be an emergency or event that has happened and has left them in a situation that has greatly impacted or changed their life. The bigger question that we like to ask ourselves here at Russell Cellular, is “what are we doing to help with those needs”? That is where RC Cares comes in. We want to be a part of the positive impact that helps change someone’s life. With community outreach events, philanthropy, fundraising through product sales, donations that we take and make, or more, we just want to make a difference. Our teams all over the nation are working every day to help make a difference in the lives of their friends, family, and communities.

Ron Wallace, Director of RC Cares

This blog series is not to highlight what we are doing here at Russell Cellular, but rather inspire others to make a difference too. Through these stories that we will share here, we hope that you too will join us in being the change in this world.

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