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Community Outreach: Douglas, Georgia

Last week we introduced you all to our philanthropic branch here at Russell Cellular called RC Cares. If you missed our introduction to RC Cares and Ron Wallace, check it out here. Community outreach and fundraising are just some of the ways RC Cares invests in our team members and our communities.

On any given day the average person will come in contact with at least one person who has a major need in their life. More times than not it will be multiple people. Regardless of the number, the fact is, there are needs all around us.  The bigger question isn’t the number of needs around me, it’s asking the question ‘what can I do to help meet those needs?’  In fact, I would say most people are pretty good at identifying and even seeing those needs.  The problem is that seeing a need, knowing that a need is there, that in itself doesn’t do anything to make a positive impact in that person’s life.  It will always be our actions that make the biggest difference. 

In the picture below, alongside wireless representative Ashlee Lemus from our Douglas, GA location, is the Faust family.  They recently lost their 6-month-old baby unexpectedly to RSV. I can’t imagine the hurt and pain they have experienced from this tragedy, yet they are forced to continue on with life, both of them working two jobs in the middle of their grief to simply support their family.

Community Outreach Projects from RC Cares
RC employee, Ashlee Lemus, with the Faust family

Ashlee heard about their story.  She saw a need.  No doubt she was moved by their situation. How could someone not be right? But just knowing wasn’t enough.  Knowing caused a moving, an action towards trying to do something to try and help this family.  This wasn’t about trying to fix a problem because there is no fix for this type of situation.  This was just an opportunity to do something for someone simply because it was the right thing to do.  So, Ashlee inspired her team members as well as those from our Fitzgerald, GA location to donate $1,000 to the Faust family from money they had raised from the sale of our RC Cares Products. 

These are products that are in all of our locations and are available for our customers to purchase. One hundred percent of the proceeds is donated back into our local communities to help people and organizations that have needs.  You can help us on our mission to serve our community through outreach and fundraising by visiting your local Russell Cellular store.

Director of RC Cares, Ron Wallace, talks about the Faust family.

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